How To Get Affordable Heartworm Preventatives Without a Prescription

By Team Pawviva

Why break the bank to shield your dog or cat from heartworms when affordable online options can save you $300+ per year compared to a vet? In a world where pet wellness often carries a hefty price tag, we're here to help. Because heartworm prevention shouldn't be a luxury---it should be a standard for every pet. We’re here to show you that this disease, while devastating, can be easily prevented with the right care at an attainable price.

Key Takeaways

  1. Accessibility & Affordability: Pawviva offers up to 50% cheaper heartworm preventatives without requiring a vet prescription.
  2. Quality: Brands like Revolution and NexGard, known for their safety & effectiveness, are available at discounted prices by being sourced from the manufacturer.
  3. Convenience: Order from the comfort of your home and have essential heartworm preventatives delivered to your doorstep. Plus, by choosing PawPass, our recurring order service, you will save an additional 35% and ensure your pet never misses a dose.

Safe and Budget-Friendly Alternatives

Providing the optimum healthcare for your beloved pet should never be hindered by financial constraints or accessibility. Pawviva prides itself on offering pet owners up to 50% off on heartworm preventative measures like Revolution (selamectin) and NexGard, as opposed to traditional veterinary pricing. The journey towards optimal pet care doesn't need to be unattainable due to cost, and with Pawviva, it's not only affordable but also easy and accessible.

A Click Away from Top Notch Pet Meds

Our e-health platform reduces the friction of purchasing the heartworm preventatives you dog or cat needs, enabling you to skip the traditional veterinary visit and prescription process. Pawviva is your direct channel to top-quality, vet-approved heartworm treatments, ensuring you can safeguard your pet against scary heartworm diseases affordably.

Unpacking the Benefits of Revolution and NexGard

Revolution (Selamectin): More Than Just Heartworm Prevention

Revolution, known for its selamectin active ingredient, is a multi-pronged approach to pet health. Not only does it offer effective heartworm prevention, but it also combats fleas, ticks, and other common pests. Its topical formulation allows for an easy once-a-month application, making it a practical choice for pets---and their owners---averse to oral medications. Plus, its comprehensive protective shield means fewer products to purchase, administer, and remember, simplifying your pet care routine. What sets Revolution apart is its ability to combat multiple threats, making it an essential tool in maintaining your pet's health and comfort.

NexGard: The Flavorful Defense Against Pests

NexGard isn't just another chew---it's a delightful treat for dogs that doubles as a powerful weapon against pests. While it offers reliable heartworm prevention, it doesn't stop there. NexGard also provides top-notch protection against fleas and ticks. One of its standout features is its beef-flavored formulation, which dogs typically love, making administration a breeze. Each chew is formulated to provide a month's worth of protection, ensuring a consistent defense against a range of common parasites. With NexGard, you're not just offering protection; you're giving your canine companion a treat they'll look forward to, all while ensuring they're shielded from potentially harmful pests.

Tailored Protection: Branded Heartworm Preventatives vs. Generic Ivermectin

Comprehensive and Customized Protection

One of the undeniable advantages of branded preventatives like Revolution and NexGard from Pawviva is the precision with which they are crafted. Unlike the one-size-fits-all approach often associated with generic ivermectin, these products allow pet owners to dose according to their pet's specific weight, ensuring optimal protection without overmedication. Additionally, they offer broad-spectrum protection against multiple parasites, not just heartworms, making them a comprehensive choice for all-around pet health.

Ease of Administration

Dosing a pet can sometimes be a tussle, especially if they are wary of medications. Revolution's topical application and NexGard's chewable form significantly reduce the stress and mess associated with administering treatments. With these, you won't need to struggle with measuring out the exact dose or coaxing your pet into swallowing a pill. Simply apply or offer the treat-like chew, and your pet is protected.

Prioritizing Quality and Safety

While cost-saving options might be tempting, it's essential to recognize the rigorous testing and quality assurance that branded preventatives undergo. Revolution and NexGard are not only backed by robust research and development, but they also adhere to strict quality standards, ensuring your pet is receiving a safe and effective treatment. By choosing Pawviva, you're opting for affordable treatments without compromising on the quality and safety your pet deserves.

Pawviva: Premium Care, Streamlined Experience, and Affordable Prices

Simplifying Your Pet Care Journey

With Pawviva, safeguarding your pet's health has never been easier. Our platform guarantees a hassle-free ordering process, ensuring premium heartworm prevention is just a click away. Coupled with free delivery, we've redefined convenience for pet owners.

Cost-Effectiveness Meets Quality

At Pawviva, affordability and quality go hand-in-hand. Our discounted offerings don't come at the expense of quality. Instead, they are a testament to our commitment to ensuring every pet owner can provide their furry companions with the best care without breaking the bank.

Championing Continuous Prevention

Heartworms are a constant threat, and prevention requires a steadfast approach. We're here to support your unwavering commitment to your pet's well-being. By offering sustainable and affordable solutions, Pawviva ensures that heartworm prevention is attainable for every pet parent.

Closing Note

Ensuring your pet's wellness shouldn't be a complex, costly endeavor. Pawviva simplifies and demystifies the path to securing heartworm preventatives like Revolution and NexGard, promoting a future where every pet, has access to protection against parasitic threats.

Note: Always consult with a veterinarian for professional advice and guidance regarding heartworm prevention and treatment. This article is not meant to substitute for advice from a veterinary professional.

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