How Does NexGard Work?

By Team Pawviva

At Pawviva, we understand that as a pet owner, it is crucial for you to grasp the workings of the flea and tick treatments you use for your pets. In this blog, we look at the intricacies of how NexGard works to provide a clear answer to your pressing question: "How does NexGard work?” NexGard functions as an 'ectoparasiticide', meaning it is designed to eliminate parasites like fleas, ticks, and mites that live on or in the skin or fur of animals. Its active ingredient, afoxolaner, is potent in disrupting the nervous systems of these parasites, ultimately leading to their death. Let's explore further.

Key Takeaways

  • NexGard, powered by afoxolaner, works as an ectoparasiticide, eliminating fleas, ticks, and mites.
  • It works by causing over-stimulation of the parasites' nervous systems, leading to their death.
  • A single dose remains effective for a period of up to 5 weeks.
  • NexGard requires a prescription and comes in chewable tablet forms, with various strengths to suit different dog weights.

NexGard: What Is It And Its Uses

NexGard is a medicinal treatment used widely to treat infestations of fleas and ticks as well as demodectic and sarcoptic mange in dogs. Additionally, it assists in managing flea allergy dermatitis, an allergic reaction triggered by flea bites. The chief component that facilitates its functionality is a compound known as afoxolaner.

It's worth noting that afoxolaner operates effectively by necessitating the parasites to attach to the skin and start feeding on the dog's blood to be influenced by the medicine. Thus, it is a potent tool in reducing the contamination in dogs' environments by killing fleas before they can lay eggs.

Understanding How NexGard Operates

NexGard contains afoxolaner, which carries out the role of an ectoparasiticide, thereby killing parasites residing on or within the skin or fur of animals. This potent ingredient acts by over-stimulating the nervous systems of the parasites.

The afoxolaner facilitates a blockage in the normal movement of charged chloride ions in and out of nerve cells, primarily those linked with gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), a significant neurotransmitter. Consequently, this leads to uncontrolled activity of the nervous system of the parasites, causing paralysis and eventual death, providing a safe environment for your pet.

The Application: NexGard Usage Guidelines

NexGard is available in chewable tablet forms, crafted with varying strengths to cater to dogs of different weights. It is imperative to note that NexGard is administered according to the dog's body weight, ensuring a precise dosage for effective results.

Not only does NexGard work swiftly, killing fleas within an 8-hour timeframe and ticks within 48 hours, but its actions are long-lasting, offering protection for 4 weeks against fleas and ticks. The recommended guideline is to repeat the treatment at monthly intervals year-round to maintain its efficacy.

Proven Efficacy: NexGard in Studies

NexGard's efficacy has been proven through rigorous laboratory and field studies. In various EU field studies involving a considerable number of dogs with different infestations, NexGard showcased a substantial reduction in the number of fleas and ticks, outperforming other medicines in certain aspects.

These studies exhibit the potency of NexGard in not only treating flea and tick infestations effectively but also substantially reducing the number of live mites in cases of sarcoptic and demodectic mange.

Safety Measures and Considerations

While NexGard stands as a powerful tool against parasites, it is important to note that parasites need to commence feeding on the dog for the medicine to work, posing a risk of disease transmission. Moreover, safe handling is vital, with strict advice on washing hands post-handling and keeping it out of children's reach.

Furthermore, consultation with a veterinarian or pharmacist is always recommended for more detailed information, ensuring the best care and precautionary steps for both the pet and the owner, aligning with safe usage practices for optimum results.

At Pawviva, we prioritize your pet's health, offering not just products but a guide to using them most effectively. Understanding how NexGard works can give you confidence in its ability to protect your furry friend from harmful parasites, making NexGard a trusted choice for many pet owners. Visit our shop to explore NexGard and other trusted pet preventative treatments and natural supplements.

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