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“Our mission is to make essential pet medications accessible to everyone”

Team Pawviva

About Us

Access to care is a fundamental right. We aim to ensure it is as affordable and simple as possible to exercise that right.

Rooted in a legacy of healthcare accessibility through our sister company, CanAmerica Plus, we bring over two decades of experience in providing affordable medications to humans. Now, we're extending that commitment to pet healthcare. Inspired by CanAmerica Plus's dedication to affordability and patient savings, Pawviva offers a comprehensive range of FDA-recommended preventative treatments and supplements to keep your pets in peak condition. From flea and tick treatments for dogs to probiotics for sensitive cats, we cover your pets' health needs.

Our selection is designed with your pets' best interests in mind, ensuring every product is reliable, safe, and effective. With Pawviva, you're not just taking steps to care for your pets; you're ensuring they receive the quality of life they deserve. We're striving to set new standards in pet healthcare because they're not just pets; they're family.